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A pastor I listened to one Sunday drew this intriguing and thought-provoking scenario:

Someone has a relative at the brink of death at the hospital with no money to cater for his bills. This person sends you the money to take to the hospital so the doctor can start treatment. This is a matter of urgency. But instead of seeing it as such, you take your precious time, deciding what outfit to put on, which car to step out in, to wait for the scorching sun to set a bit and check out your look in the mirror. How do you think the person would feel when he finds out how unserious you were handling the issue?

Do you think he will ever forgive you if his relative ended up dying because of your nonchalant attitude to the urgent situation? Probably not.

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Identity Crisis

If we are identified in Christ, we of love family and what greater need can we have?

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)


Recently, I preached two messages in a series called “Identity Crisis”. For many people, their identity is based on how many Facebook friends, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and Snapchat followers they have. Their identity is somehow degraded when they post an “awesome selfie” that only gets 5 likes or a spiritual post that everyone that “really knows Jesus” should like and it only gets 2 likes. On a professional level, that identity could get lost in how successful we seem in our job. On a social level, our identity could be built upon how booked our social calendar is. All of these things will fade. Our true identity is not based on what we do but on who we truly are.

We are born in a sinful condition. I’m not talking about how we were conceived, although some were conceived in a way that brings shame to their sense of…

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Journey- Life is real, Trust me

I am not going to lie or fake it anymore. I need love and you too but how can we all get there. It all begins right here now. Love you. Appreciate you. I love blogging, i love those quiet thoughts that helps me be real about what i am going through and how i can be better.

I do not know how are you are taking the things happening to you but , we can help us all be better. Join my blog, lets get real and help one another: we can support one another a day at a time. I can let you borrow my hope if you wanna let go, let me use your hope too and grow to who we are called to be. I love you. You can inbox me to feature your post an dinspire others

Confidence In The Handrail


Holding on the handrail with every strength in my body ; i mean with all my might, the bus swayed from one corner to another as we took turns. Because i was so plucked to the handrail with every might in me, as we took turns i was standing so strong and firm as if driving in a sports car on the racing tracks. My feet didn’t move neither did i stutter. I was so focused just then a flash thought came to my mind ” what if the pole should fall apart? it will be a spill-over effect as i would fall on those behind me and they will on others and who knows where the fall will stop on those on the seats or where? Those were just my thoughts.time.png

As I lost concentration , being drowned in my thoughts, i didn’t know we had gotten to yet another bus stop were some passengers had to alight. Once the bus took off i found my feet wobbling and i vibrated from one point to the next from the jerk lol

Then i began having this ministration in my heart. I remembered Peter at the command of Jesus to walk on water, he began walking as his focus was on Christ but as soon as he began looking at the water, he sank ( Matt 14:25-31). (Once we hold on to God. Keep our focus on Christ and let the Holy Spirit lead us, nothing can shake us. we can stand strong and all even in odds. Once our focus shifts from God to people or situation or circumstance, a fall is inevitable. The same we have confidence in all manner of handrails in our lives ( job, spouse, finances, government, uncles etc) if we could just hold this strong on God having confidence that He will never leave us or forsake us ( Heb 13:4), There shall be to limit to the heights we will attain in life.

Let our hearts, mind, strength and might be focused on Christ alone

Plus And Minus of Moving Houses


There are many we take for granted in our lives and one of such things I have come to appreciate is the blessing of having shelter; a place to sleep after a day’s hustle. I understand better now that when God says I will bring you to a large and spacious place ( Ps 18:19, 118:5) and also that the lines are fallen unto pleasant places ( Ps 16:6) it was because, He knows that space is vital to our living the abundant life.

This morning I lay on my bed after moving our things into a new flat and looking back on my housing journey since I came to this Country ( it has been a whole novel), it has been God’s had all the way. One thing I noticed is no matter what the pluses might be to a new place , somehow, there are always some off keys either in the apartment or it’s surrounded amidst the beauty. The secret is to find peace and turn off the light  no the none pleasantries. God has been faithful and I am grateful even though I dislike moving and the adjustments that come with it

Now my plus and minus of moving houses

  • There is the joy of exploring a new place or clean flat opposed by the stress of cleaning out litters from previous occupant and anointing the place afresh to make it ready to use.
  • There is the joy of meeting new people and possibly making amazing new friends opposed by the challenge of stepping on toes and getting use to habits of flat mates that might frustrate you
  • There is joy in knowing that you are making progress in changing to a better place and having your own space opposed by starting anew to locate bus stops and groceries.
  • There is the joy of having new furniture as opposed by the unplanned need to declutter .

In it, I have learnt to appreciate God for the strength to move  as I know no experience is ever wasted in HIM.

Have you had to move or relocate? Kindly share your experience

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