Change of Profession is Very Normal

Don,t fret career change


There are always more than one door that leads to a normal building. The same applied to success in life. You may want to start as an employee before you become an entrepreneur which can lead to a big business. How I wish you learn something from the stories below.

Stuart Austin Wier prepared himself as a Construction Engineer and followed this line of work until the depression limited his market to where it did not give him the income he required.

He took inventory of himself, decided to change his profession to Law, went back to school and took special courses by which he prepared himself as a Corporation Lawyer. Despite the fact the depression had not ended, he completed his training, passed the bar examination, and quickly built a lucrative law practice, in Dallas, Texas; in fact, he is turning away clients years later.

If your profession or…

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Two Becoming One

Be One and God You Head

Everything Marriage

I think the biblical “two becoming one” is not to be interpreted mathematically to mean the fusing of the personality traits of two individuals into one.

Some couples wouldn’t mind the total erasure and wiping away of their individual identities, dreams and interests to take on that of another person and we cannot resent them, yet for many others, that brings a feeling of total nonexistence and a kind of living in a cage.

There’s a place for sacrifice and compromise in every relationship. Nonetheless, individual passions, dreams and interests must be nurtured where necessary for the good of the relationship. It’s one thing sacrificing, compromising and still being happy in a relationship and it’s another thing sacrificing, compromising and pretending to be happy taking on the identity of someone else you are quite or totally out of touch with. Then again, there is a place for shared passions and…

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Do Not Apologize


Today, stop living behind the shadows of people’s expectations of you. You are you and you have a mind of your own. You receive counsel but you are not trying to be of copy of another person

All it takes for you to see their true nature is to refuse their impositions and walk into your glorious destiny. They might initially get grumpy with and at you, but give it time, they will notice that the un-shadowed you is the best version of you they could ever have and wished they had seen this version earlier

Do not be shy to be you. Do not apologize for being you. You are created to show forth God’s glory and praise and if you are doing that, there is no stopping or holding you down. Oh goodness.

I know i have been on this same trail of thought for days now. I am not sure why but i know my Inspiration is too purposeful and I pray the one this is meant for reads it and blossoms.

Stay blessed. I love you

The People In Your Life


They can only be to what what they are to you not what you expect them to be

If we spend our days expecting people to be this or that to us, we might just end of destroying what we have with them or enjoy a fake version of them.

Every friend is different and so too every friendship. Do not judge one by another. In all fairness your comparison is baseless

Enjoy the beauty of the uniqueness of the people in your life or office or church. At the end know that your happiness comes first. Do not live in the bubble of people’s expectation or yours of them


Desire Alone Will Not Work


Quote cover quotes

Good things in life are desired by all. However, desire alone will not bring results. We want things yet we are not ready to pay the price for it. There is always a price; a commitment on our path. Here is my story’

I had a situation I needed someone to talk to. You know what they say a problem shared is half solved. So, I messaged a friend and said “I need to talk to you about something and get your insight” and my friend responded back with their availability. Later I discovered it was something I need to talk about not chat about and I asked my friend to call me so I can talk about it. Like for real? Is it really important to me? If so why can’t I pay the price to get what I want? Is it that I have gotten so use to handouts and hand downs? Hmmm

I learned later than desire alone will not do the magic. So now, that good thing which you have been desiring to have. What price are you are you willing to pay? What commitments are you making? I went out of my way and got units so I could call and the situation was settled. No doubt they say necessity is the mother to inventions. Step out of your wishing and desire zone and begin to pay the price for what you want outta life.